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Ella One

Tasked by Legend Engage to realise a body of content including films and photographs for this sensitive subject we worked alongside the agency creative to create scripts.

From the conception of the ideas, we looked at how to address the fact that most media viewed mute in the social spaces,  so we decided to put the text into the narrative by creating a best friend character for our heroine to be texting, as well as the use of speech bubbles.

We cast, styled and had sets built to best address every aspect of the visuals to the target demographic.

We also repurposed the films into six languages with new edits for other countries.

“I have worked with Christian for many years, the latest project being a social campaign for a pharmaceutical brand, comprising many edits and cuts of social films plus stills to use across the first 6 months of a UK launch. Christian gives his all to any project and his experience really comes to the fore across all aspects of film creation and production. He can create work of astounding quality for all budget levels and always delivers more than the minimum required on the brief. His creativity means that there is always a solution, even when issues occur On our latest collaboration, the assets we created for the UK launch have now been taken up across the globe for different market launches. Once again, Christian has worked to incredibly tight deadlines to version these assets for each market. I would thoroughly recommend that you speak to Christian about any visual requirements you have – you will certainly end up with assets that will make your campaign come to life and appeal to your target audiences, whether you are an entrepreneurial start up or an agency team representing an established global brand. “