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Chivas Pininfarina

We worked for many years with Sue and others at Chivas – this project was really exciting as it was such a fantastic collaboration – bringing together two amazing brands in one partnership. From the concept film at the inception of the project through to all the brand collateral for the global tool kit to launch, we were there creating content.

"Evolution of the drop"

"Two Local Brands"

"The Mascherone"

“I have worked with Christian and his team for many years, and he has always overdelivered and excelled on all of my projects. The company’s creative vision, brand understanding and professionalism is, quite simply, second to none.
Schmick are my go to agency for a great deal of my photography and filming needs. As well as their actual photography and filming skill set, which is unquestionable, the fact that the team are very personable, and that timely delivery and value for money is a given, make them a pleasure to work with”

Sue Leckie : Global Brand Innovations : Chivas Brothers