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Batfast is a super exciting start-up revolutionizing the batting simulator world.

As they got a new round of investment, they needed to create a brand-wide look and feel. Schmick was commissioned to make that.

A new film to go on the homepage of their new site along with a new series of images for their site, social media and presentations. We have since gone on to produce a number of social cuts, a corporate about us cut and animation with the sound design of their logo.

Brand Film

Animated logo & sound design

"About Us" Corporate cut

"Cricket for all" Social cut

"Game Modes" social cut

“Working with Christian was a real pleasure on this project, he took time to really understand what the client needed and then brought his extensive range of skills to the table resulting in a suite of creative which has been transformational for this young brand. Alongside photography, several short films and a range of social media assets, Christian also took the team through a bespoke training session whereby they learnt how to create content themselves at a professional level.   The team has been set up for success not only in an important summer of cricket, but for the future opportunities that are now on the horizon.”

Jemima Bird, CMO Batfast