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Asquith Yoga Clothing

We shot a few collections for Asquith as well as a few videos. Our faves here, were shot in my old buddies amazing house and in Whitstable – in both cases, we built a paper roll studio at the location so that we have weather cover and were able to move in and out as and when we needed to.

” Christian is hugely creative, clever, punctual, fast, fun and full of enthusiastic energy. Unlike many photographers who often feel are a tad jaded, Christian gives it his all and you genuinely feel his love for his work, and your project in particular. His dancing training also enhances his eye for composition, movement and energy and he lights like a dream. He’s a unique combination of an artist who is great with clients, full of ideas and creativity. An absolute joy to work with. ”
Alice Asquith : Creative Director : Asquith

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