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Ago Perrone at The Connaught

I know I am going to sound like an old hippie here but this project is a story of how I started to believe in the concept of manifesting what you want. As I made myself lunch one day in the office and reflected on what I wanted next in my career the idea to shoot more books came up. At 5 pm that day, the phone rang it was my old friend Ago. He had starred in one of my first alcohol films for Absolut when he worked at Montgomery Place many many years ago. Since then we have often met on the Leica camera circuit and of course, I have shot him in other films for brands. He said he was doing a book and wanted me to test for it. We had a great time shooting those tests but sadly another photographer won out with the publisher’s for the book project. However, I got a call a few weeks later asking me to shoot the new menu. Here’s some of the results from both shoots. CB.