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Agenda Brown


Now represented by Schmick for commercial projects.

Agenda is a creative protagonist and generator of visual stories, he possesses a rare ability to capture his subjects in a discerning manner, whilst evoking empathy for his subjects, he is a natural observer of commonality and differences in all of us.

He has successfully developed a substantial imprint as an original photographic commentator and an authentic observer of active and dynamic cosmopolitan artists, creatives, and social entrepreneurs.

Capturing individuals with a cinematic scale, whilst providing creative expression and authenticity to context and environment, shining a light on the authenticity of the individual characters, and the detail of their personality against a worldly context.

The visual design led style of Agenda’s imagery positions individuals in a larger context whilst preserving their specific personality, and reflecting the intimate scale of their individual context and humanity.

People are viewed as a rich matrix of personalities, as dynamic characters set within an everyday urban scenery, but each with sensitive and extraordinary narratives.

His talent resides in both the placement of his subjects, positioned in a shared worldly context whilst providing clear creative direction in order to translate his images into meaningful narrative, whether as portraiture, story telling, or creative campaigns.

Agenda’s focus is always empathetic as well as discerning, warm but objective, inquisitive but never intrusive, and validated by his creative style that empowers the personality of the subject to ultimately shine through and animate the photographic image.