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Absolut Vodka

My Absolut

We worked for Absolut for over ten years across a multitude of projects, from new product launches to brand education. We shot all over Sweden and the US. Here’s all we did for the original product, see a separate section for all we did for their premium product Absolut Elyx.

Our first project was really one of the best – a wide open brief “Be Creative” and access to some of the best Bartending talent in the world. Sadly a few of these legends are no longer with us.


What the bartender saw

The Game Changer

Absolut Akademi

Absolut pioneered the Bartender education programme idea – building specific spaces at the distillery and nearby for bartenders to come and be immersed. The programme was modular and so we were tasked to make over 30 pieces of bespoke content to be played throughout the two-day academy.  

Akademi Trailer


Vodka Production

Wheat Field for Ipad experience

Absolut London

The UK team asked us to help celebrate their collaboration with the esteemed artist, Jamie Hewlett. Here we captured what inspired Hewlett, both in term of his muse for the project, London, and the brand itself. This piece to camera explored how each of the seven iconic characters were developed, with the film being used online to promote the partnership. We also took the liberty of asking Jamie if we might bring alive some of the characters he had created for the bottle. Jamie’s friend Remi wrote and voiced the descriptions and these assets initially created just for social were then deemed good enough to use for an entire campaign across London including on the dominator in Oxford circus.

Hewlett enjoyed working with us so much that he later commissioned Schmick to shoot a similar piece to promote his music project, Monkey Opera with Damon Albarn, on its rerelease in NYC.

Jamie Hewlett Film


Absolut Drinkspiration

Three Days, Four locations a day across London, a minibus and a dedicated team of 6 – 12 wildly diverse films… we worked with the bartenders to conceive the ideas and realised them together. All presented by the newly anointed [at the time] brand ambassador Bex Amlqvist.

This was one of our most rock and roll but eventually most creative shoots!

Jake Burger

Joe Stokoe

Stu Fritz

Andreas Tsanos

Marcis Delzanis

Andrea Montague

JJ Goodman

Yoann Lazareth

Zdenek Kastanek

Bex Almqvist

Oskar Kinberg

James Anderson