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Absolut ELYX

When Absolut decided to launch a new premium Vodka to compete in the super premium Vodka market, we were there every step of the way, from Production films to Cocktail recipes films.

We kicked off with one of my all-time favourite films to make. We wanted to debunk the Super Premium vodka term – so we assembled some of the best noses in the business at the time both in New York and London – from Ryan to Alex, Jack to Tony and of course Toby – asked them to define what a vodka needed to be to be called super-premium – they all said single estate, artisan production and own water source… lo and behold Elyx that satisfied all of those criteria.

What did Vodka Ever do to you?

Production film for website

We made another 15 films for various stages of the products launch globally. Films to celebrate the bottle and to cover the live events conducted at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans. Here’s a few of our faves.

Elyx Experience in Sweden Promo

House of Elyx 2016

Alex and Simone!



The Pineapple!

Elyx House in NYC

Finally, a whole bunch of fun stuff for social media when that was an entirely new space and we were very experimental, using stop-frame animation and cinemagraph techniques as well as a bit of magic.

Elyx Martini for Insta

Pineapple Stop Frame

Copper copper copper..